Annual Report and AGM

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About Us

Stronghold Invest is the leading property advisory, asset Management, fund management and proptech company in Northern Europe. Our strategy is to invest in profitable, innovative and growing companies within the property industry.

Our Group manage some €40 billion of commercial real estate and invest more than €1 billion in new properties across Northern Europe annually. Today, the Group has approximately 1,800 employees across 40 offices and operates in nine countries.

The Group’s largest holdings are the wholly owned subsidiaries Newsec and Niam.

  • Newsec – The Full Service Property House – offers property owners, investors and tenants a full range of services within Property Asset Management and Advisory. Newsec has some €40 billion of commercial real estate under management and is managing more than 31 million square meters across seven countries, and is one of Europe’s largest in its field.
  • Niam is northern Europe’s largest private equity firm in real estate with assets under management exceeding €3.5 billion with a global blue chip investor base.

Business concept

Our strategy combines an accelerated growth, supported by acquisitions within strategic areas, and starting new businesses in collaboration with our experienced professionals at Stronghold. To support our companies in exploiting the opportunities from digital transformation, Stronghold has established Proptech – a new business area – with the objective to ensure that the Group is at the forefront of digital technology.

Overall operational focus

  • Leading the real estate digitalisation
  • Strong organic growth in existing businesses
  • Increased focus on strategic acquisitions related to existing businesses
  • Investing in and starting new businesses
  • Increased cooperation and cross selling across the Group

From its original buy-out from Investor AB/Sweco in 1997, Stronghold has developed into one of Europe’s leading real estate groups. Entrepreneurship is a core part of the Groups DNA, as well as profitable growth.

Today the Group have investments and operate throughout Northern Europe through approximately 40 local offices with more than 1,800 employees and an annual revenue exceeding € 200 million.

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The Group is founded by Urban Edenström and Investor AB, as a property and asset-management consultancy company.


Newsec starts developing an information system for the real estate market, Datscha

Newsec acquires the market-leading real estate comapny in Gothenburg – Westpartner.

1994 - 1997



Niam is founded as an operating partner to GE Capital Real Estate, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

Newsec enters strategic partnerships in Denmark with Sadolin & Ahlbæk and in Norway with DNB Næringsmegling.

Niam sets up Sweden’s first property fund, Niam Fund I, holding properties valued at EUR 70 million.

1998 - 2000

Newsec expands into Finland. First release of the comprehensive market analysis Newsec Property Outlook. Niam sets up Fund II. Newsec enters a strategic partnership in the Baltics.

Niam raises Niam Fund III, which has an investment capacity of approximately EUR 1.8 billion and is the number one real estate fund in Northern Europe.


The Group changes its name to Stronghold as part of a clearer strategy towards a more pure investment company. Stronghold acquires the Finnish real-estate and asset-management company Tallberg Toimitilajohto Oy (now Newsec Oy).

2001 - 2005


Stronghold acquires the Norwegian full-service company Eiendoms-Consult AS (now Newsec AS).

Niam raises Niam Fund IV, the largest opportunistic fund in Europe targeting the Nordics and Baltics.


Stronghold acquires part of the Baltic property consultant Re&Solution, today a subsidiary to Newsec Baltics.

2007 - 2009


Niam raises Niam Fund V, the largest Nordic opportunistic property fund.


Niam Fund V closes on EUR 719 million. Newsec acquires majority of the Norwegian technical asset management company TM Partner AS (now Newsec TM AS). Newsec starts the subsidiaries Newsec Competence and Newsec Technical Services.

2010 - 2012

Newsec acquires Jones Lang LaSalle’s property management business in Sweden and starts the subsidiary Newsec Communication. Niam closes Niam Core-Plus fund, reaching EUR 300 million in total equity commitments.



Datscha launches in UK as the first country outside the Nordics. Niam closes on 800 MEUR for Niam Fund VI.

Stronghold launches a new business area – Proptech – and invests in Tessin, a real estate crowd funding platform and Workaround, – a platform for the sharing of flexible office space



2013 - 2015

Stronghold Proptech busienss area invest in Mestro – an web-based energy management analytics tool.


Stronghold aquires the market leding property management company in Norway, Basale (from OBOS), and becomes a subsidiary of Newsec Asset Managment.

Newsec acquires Denmark’s leading commercial property management company, DATEA, and becomes a subsidiary of Newsec Asset Management.

Newsec acquires Campido and the two companies will merge the technical services and operations activities.

2015 - 2017

Newsec acquires part of the Danish advisory company Newsec Egeskov and Lindquist, the new name will be Newsec Advisory A/S.


Stronghold Invest divest Datscha to Real Capital Analytics.



Our Story

Our Team

  • Urban Edenström
  • Founder and CEO
  • Contact
  • Pia Carlberg
  • Head of People and Culture
  • Contact
  • Daniel Kraft
  • Head of Proptech
  • Contact
  • Magnus Svantegård
  • Senior Advisor Proptech
  • Contact
  • Niklas Alm
  • Communication Director
  • Contact
  • Marie Ryott
  • PA to the CEO
  • Contact
  • Alexander Molander
  • Investment Director
  • Contact
  • Josefine Rylander
  • Assistant
  • Contact
  • Sabina Wahlberg
  • Financial Controller
  • Contact
  • Sonja Hedbäck
  • Business Development
  • Contact
  • Carl-Thomas Ledmyr
  • Business Development
  • Contact

Board of Directors

  • Anders Lönnqvist (Chairman)
  • Born in 1958. Board Member since 1999
  • Current Position: Chairman of the Board at Servisen Group
  • Previous Experience: Investment Manager and owner of Servisen with previous experience in several development and investment companies
  • Other Board Assignments: Board Member of Opus, Elite Hotels, Strax and other companies
  • Shares in Stronghold: 72 356
  • Urban Edenström
  • Born in 1953. Board Member since 1994
  • Current Position: Founder and CEO of Stronghold
  • Previous Experience: Founder of FastighetsRenting in 1984, Newsec in 1994, Datscha in 1997 and Niam in 1998
  • Other Board Assignments: Niam, Newsec, Datscha, Pejoni, Chairman Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and many other group subsidiaries
  • Shares in Stronghold: 500 001
  • Mikael Lövgren
  • Born in 1961. Board Member since 1999
  • Current Position: Executive Chairman of Bridgepoint Capital Nordic
  • Previous Experience: 20 year veteran of the Boston Consulting Group where he was Managing Partner for the Nordic Region
  • Other Board Assignments: Board Member at SF Studios, Ellen AB and other companies
  • Shares in Stronghold: 47 025
  • Risto Silander
  • Born in 1957. Board member since 2006
  • Current Position: Investor and Professional board member
  • Previous Experience: CEO Alfred Berg Group, Managing Director UBS Warburg Stockholm, Executive Director Goldman Sachs London and Head of Capital Markets Handelsbanken
  • Other Board Assignments: Varenne AB, Brevan Howard Funds, Endeavour Pembroke Funds, Magnolia Bostad AB and Niam AB
  • Shares in Stronghold: 30 000
  • Anders Böös
  • Born in 1964. Board member since 2012
  • Current Position: Investor and Professional board member
  • Previous Experience: CEO of Drott AB and H&Q AB, Chairman of IFS AB and Cision AB, Director of Haldex AB and Niscayah AB
  • Other Board Assignments: Chairman of Einride AB and Hantverksdata AB, Director of Investment AB Latour, Newsec Property Asset Management AB and Securitas AB
  • Shares in Stronghold: 45 000
  • Johan Edenström
  • Born in 1982. Board member since 2011
  • Current Position: CEO of Pejoni AB
  • Previous Experience: Stronghold Invest, Newsec AB, and Head of Nordic Sales, Newsec PAM
  • Other Board Assignments: Pejoni AB and other companies
  • Håkan Johansson
  • Born in 1969. Board member since 2017
  • Current Position: Executive Board Member
  • Previous Experience: Partner Bridgepoint, Board Member & Member of Operating Committee Bridgepoint, London.
  • Other Board Assignments: Chairman Newsec Technical Services AB, Board Member of Niam AB, Ahlström Capital Oy
  • Shares in Stronghold: 65 071
  • Petra Scharin
  • Born in 1972. Board member since 2020
  • Current Position: Deputy CEO of Stronghold Invest AB, CFO of Stronghold Invest AB
  • Previous Experience: Hexagon, Coop Norden and Ernst & Young (certified public accountant), Board Member Datscha
  • Other Board Assignments: Niam, Newsec AB, Newsec Property Asset Management AB, Newsec Sweden Advisory AB.
  • Shares in Stronghold: 7434

Long-Term Financial Targets

  • Growth: Deliver organic growth in excess of 10 percent per year. In addition, Stronghold aims to grow through strategic add-on acquisitions. The target is total growth to exceed 15 per cent per year.
  • Margin: Generate an EBITDA-margin, adjusted for non-recurring items, of at least 11 per cent.
  • Capital structure: Enable a high degree of financial flexibility and provide scope for acquisitions. Over time, the net debt should notexceed 2-3x adjusted EBITDA measured over the last 12 months.
  • Total return: Achieve a total return that over time amounts to at least 30 percent per annum.

Values and Cultures

Core values

Passion for Colleagues and Clients is the basis for our philosophy and attitude to one another and our clients. Passion presumes commitment, which in turn demands the desire and the ability to listen to the client and each other; to be interested in and have respect forcolleagues’ and clients’ needs and issues; to take initiatives; to preserve and to deliver what we promise.

We choose not to work with everyone. Our values determine our way of working, cooperating and investing. No matter whether you are a colleague or client, our core values – ‘Excellence’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Integrity’ – need to be recognised.

Excellence is the desire and the ability to deliver solutions and services of highest quality – exceeding both the clients highest expectations and the best capabilities of our competitors.

Innovation is the desire and the ability to seek, identify, and implement new solutions; to lead the development of new services and products – to have the courage to break with tradition.

Integrity is the ability to ensure that every client’s confidentiality is respected and that every task is undertaken with the client’s best interests in mind – at all times with the highest business ethics and morals.

If we can create a culture where all our employees are engaged and where they know that their contribution is appreciated, then client focus will follow naturally. This is why we have great emphasis on employee development. Stronghold University – our approach to learning and building competence – lets us continuously evaluate and build the skills necessary to develop our employees.

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Business Principles

The success of the Stronghold Group does not solely depend on the quality of the work we carry out for our clients. It is at least as important that we build and maintain an acknowledged reputation regarding business morals and correct ethical conduct.

This naturally applies to contacts both inside and outside the Group. It allows for more trust and confidence and means that we can work in an open and non-bureaucratic atmosphere.

To guide and inspire, our Business Principles helps us navigate and to ensure that we have a common view on business moral and ethics.

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Social value

Many companies take pride in contributing to the creation of social values, over and above their regular business. For companies in the Stronghold Group it comes naturally to be an active community builder in the cities we operate in and to contribute to those cities’ attractiveness. Cities are a breeding ground for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and GDP growth and essentials for a thriving economy.

Our mission stems from many years of experience of observing g the close relationship between a city’s prosperity and property returns. A study carried out by Newsec concluded that as much as 70 per cent of the total property return could be explained by the GDP growth.

“We Love Cities” represents our view on success factors for developing attractive cities and how Stronghold Group contributes to these factors.

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Equality and diversity

Different cultures and backgrounds, men and women, students and senior citizens – a city embraces us all. It is encouraging to see that women’s position in society further evolves in urban communities. With the belief that people are qualified for the task and share our core values, Stronghold Group have taken a stand towards a culture that mirrors the overall society.

Social Responsibility

Stronghold strongly believes that sustainability is a prerequisite in order to create value in the long run. Stronghold has 25 years of experience as a responsible organisation, investor and employer. By acting and operating our businesses in a sustainable way, we are able to offer superior services as well as recruit the best employees and thereby retain our position as the leading property investment company. As organisation, we are constantly working on improving our social, environmental and economic impact. Collectively, the Stronghold Group is a major player in the real estate market – and if you are big, you have to take responsibility. Stronghold Group understand this duty and act accordingly.

We love cities

The Stronghold Group’s mission is to be an active community builder in the cities we operate in. Our ambition is to contribute to, and enhance, those cities’ attractiveness. An attractive city is a city that demonstrates competitiveness and sustainable growth. Both today and in the future. However, Stronghold’s mission is not solely the result of a desire to do good. Our mission stems from many years of witnessing the close relationship between a city’s prosperity and property returns. As much as 70 percent of the total property return can be explained by the GDP growth. “We Love Cities” represents our view on success factors for developing attractive cities and how Stronghold Group contributes to these factors.

Environmental responsibility

The real estate industry has become increasingly aware that we need to act here and now if we are to reach the EU climate targets by 2020. It is not yet a norm, but we are definitely seeing a difference in the pricing of buildings with environmental classifications, both for rents and valuations. High standards of environmental governance make a city attractive for both businesses and people. The great opportunity within Corporate Social Responsibility lies in the ability to engage the entire Group’s power of innovation in environmental issues and encourage businesses to seek new opportunities within those areas.