Category PropTech
Acquired—Divested 2015Active
Segment CoWorking Digital leasing

Workaround was founded in 2015 as a reaction to the lack of transparency and user-friendliness that made it time-consuming and inefficient to find, rent and lease offices digitally.
Workaround has since grown and developed. The company today includes a marketplace for renting and leasing offices, a digital brokerage business and a number of innovative co-working and managed space solutions where we independently fill the market with offices that our customers demand.

Among Workaround's customers are larger parts of the real estate industry and all players in co-working, as well as a plethora of entrepreneurs who are growing or shrinking. During the journey, these companies choose to offer leftover space to others - good for the business climate as well as for the climate.

Since the start, Workaround has been run by entrepreneurs who understand the conditions of entrepreneurship and the situation of entrepreneurs.