We choose not to work with everyone. Our values determine our way of working, cooperating and investing. No matter whether you are a colleague or client, our core values need to be recognised. We believe strong values will foster long term sustainable growth.


The desire and the ability to deliver solutions and services of highest quality – exceeding both the clients highest expectations and the best capabilities of our competitors.


The desire and the ability to seek, identify, and implement new solutions; to lead the development of new services and products – to have the courage to break with tradition.


The ability to ensure that every client’s confidentiality is respected and that every task is undertaken with the client’s best interests in mind – at all times with the highest business ethics and morals.

“Passion for colleagues and clients”

There is a close link between employee satisfaction and client focus. At least that’s what we believe. Our long experience from developing market leading companies within the real estate sector have shown we are right. We call it passion for colleagues and clients, in that order.

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Continuously learning

At Stronghold we value every employee and their long-term personal development. If we can create a culture where all our employees are engaged and where they know that their contribution is appreciated, then client focus will follow naturally. This is why we have great emphasis on employee development. Stronghold University – our approach to learning and building competence – lets us continuously evaluate and build the skills necessary to develop our employees.

Equality and diversity

Different cultures and backgrounds, men and women, students and senior citizens – a city embraces us all. It is encouraging to see that women’s position in society further evolves in urban communities. With the belief that people are qualified for the task and share our core values, Stronghold Group have taken a stand towards a culture that mirrors the overall society.