Stronghold strongly believes that sustainability is a prerequisite in order to create value in the long run. Stronghold has 25 years of experience as a responsible organisation, investor and employer.


By acting and operating our businesses in a sustainable way, we are able to offer superior services as well as recruit the best employees and thereby retain our position as the leading property investment company.

As organisation, we are constantly working on improving our social, environmental and economic impact. Sustainability is an integrated part of our business model and investment process, from assessment of new business opportunities to ongoing development of our companies. Collectively, the Stronghold Group is a major player in the real estate market – and if you are big, you have to take responsibility. Stronghold Group understand this duty and act accordingly.

We love cities

The Stronghold Group’s mission is to be an active community builder in the cities we operate in. Our ambition is to contribute to, and enhance, those cities’ attractiveness. An attractive city is a city that demonstrates competitiveness and sustainable growth. Both today and in the future. However, Stronghold’s mission is not solely the result of a desire to do good.

Our mission stems from many years of witnessing the close relationship between a city’s prosperity and property returns. As much as 70 percent of the total property return can be explained by the GDP growth. “We Love Cities” represents our view on success factors for developing attractive cities and how Stronghold Group contributes to these factors.

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Environmental responsibility

The real estate industry has become increasingly aware that we need to act here and now if we are to reach the EU climate targets. For example, we are seeing a difference in the pricing of buildings with environmental classifications, both for rents and valuations.  High standards of environmental governance make a city attractive for both businesses and people.

The great opportunity within Corporate Social Responsibility lies in the ability to engage the entire Group’s power of innovation in environmental issues and encourage businesses to seek new opportunities within those areas.