Our strategy is to invest in profitable, innovative and growing companies within the property industry.

Business concept

Our strategy combines an accelerated growth, supported by acquisitions within strategic areas, and starting new businesses in collaboration with our experienced professionals at Stronghold. To support our companies in exploiting the opportunities from digital transformation, Stronghold has established Proptech – with the objective to ensure that the Group is at the forefront of digital technology.

Our business concept is to invest in, own and develop the real estate services of tomorrow.

Our geographical focus is Northern Europe, and by providing competence through our 27 years of industry experience and knowledge across multiple markets, we aim to create long-term shareholder value. We believe in creating value growth by combining organic growth and strategic add-on acquisitions as well as efficiency through digitalisation.

Growth, profitability, employee and client satisfaction represent Stronghold’s four key performance indicators, which we follow closely in all our portfolio companies.

Overall operational focus 

Innovation is part of our DNA.

As an active long-term owner, our objective is to support our companies in becoming leaders in their segments. We believe that digitalization and use of modern technology will continue to shape the competitive landscape, which is why we aim to have a healthy balance between innovative tech start-ups and well-established real estate companies.

  • Leading the real estate digitalisation
  • Strong organic growth in existing businesses
  • Increased focus on strategic acquisitions related to existing businesses
  • Investing in and starting new businesses
  • Increased cooperation and cross selling across the Group

Business Principles

The success of the Stronghold Group does not solely depend on the quality of the work we carry out for our clients. It is at least as important that we build and maintain an acknowledged reputation regarding business morals and correct ethical conduct.

This naturally applies to contacts both inside and outside the Group. It allows for more trust and confidence and means that we can work in an open and non-bureaucratic atmosphere.

To guide and inspire, our Business Principles helps us navigate and to ensure that we have a common view on business moral and ethics.