Our portfolio

Stronghold’s mission is to create the best conditions for entrepreneurs and companies within the real estate sector to develop and execute on their business plans. We achieve this by taking a long-term approach and providing competence, contacts and capital.

We see our investments as true partnerships. For us this means mutually developed objectives, independently run companies while being part of our family.

Since its formation, Stronghold has steadily improved its position and developed into one of Europe’s leading real estate Groups. Today we operate throughout Northern Europe through some 30 local offices with over 1 200 employees and revenues of more than 160 MEUR.

The digitization trend has brought the real estate industry to the brink of disruption. Technology has been disrupting entrenched industries for decades. We see Airbnb impacting the traditional hotel industry and Uber threatening the monopolies of local taxi authorities To position Stronghold for sustainable growth, we have launched a new business area – Stronghold Proptech, with the objective to ensure that Stronghold and all our companies are at the forefront of digital technology within the real estate sector.

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