Entrepreneurial Organisation

Stronghold was built by entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial way of thinking is a core part of our DNA. When working at Stronghold, you should strive to be innovative and creative at all times. We believe it is better to do something not quite right than to do nothing at all. That is why we work hard to decentralise decision-making – which enables our employees to act rapidly and execute on new business opportunities. Stronghold’s business demands agile and distinctive business-mindedness.

The entrepreneurial spirit and decentralised decision-making are promoted in all our companies. Through Stronghold University we offer programs which allow our employees to develop in line with the business needs and we always strive to have attractive and competitive incentive plans. This assures that the Group attract the best talent and will remain at the forefront of the real estate sector over time.

The Stronghold Group is a knowledge-based organisation and we are highly dependent on our employees. It is the engagement and the determination of our employees that enable us to deliver long-term value to our investors. To recruit, retain and develop our employees is a key priority for our continued success.

Competence and development

At Stronghold we value every employee and their long-term personal development. Therefore, the Group operates an active and long-term program focused on performance management and leadership development for our employees, including yearly employee surveys. It is crucial for our future success that we develop our people in line with the business needs and therefore, we have developed Stronghold University. Stronghold University is our way of continuously evaluating and building the competences required in order to develop and grow our business.

An Active Long-Term Owner

Stronghold is continuously looking for new concepts and innovations within the field of real estate. With over 25 years of industry experience, we provide vast market knowledge and expertise related to investments in properties and associated services. Furthermore, the skills and the broad network within the Group provide excellent opportunities to exploit synergies and create added value.

We emphasise investments where we can leverage our strong market position and long established relations with key players in the Nordic real estate market. By doing so we generate long-term value, for shareholders, our partners and employees.

How We Add Value

We are convinced that profitable growth over time depends mainly on two variables – employee satisfaction and client satisfaction. In combination with growth and profitability, employee and client satisfaction represent Strongholds key performance indicators, which we follow closely in all our portfolio companies.

To develop our portfolio companies, Stronghold provide in-house expertise within a number of key areas such as business development, digitalisation, HR, IT, finance and communication.

We also invest time and provide our portfolio companies with access to Stronghold´s ecosystem. Our Stronghold Proptech Lab provides a home for proptech in the Nordics by bringing today and tomorrows customers, employees and digital stars together, creating the stage for new conversations, partnerships and business opportunities.