Stronghold as an investor

Stronghold invests in knowledge-related real estate companies in Northern Europe. We have more than 20 years of industry experience and over 1 200 professionals throughout the Group.

We target companies with potential to become leaders in their respective market segments. We contribute with capital, but even more importantly with competence and contacts.

As an active long-term owner, Stronghold is continuously looking for new concepts and innovations within the field of real estate. We provide market knowledge, vast experience and expertise related to investments in properties and associated services. Furthermore, the skills and the broad network within the Group provide excellent opportunities to exploit synergies and create added value.

Why we invest

Our goal is to identify and invest in great companies in line with our strategic interests and/or with potential of becoming new core businesses for our Group.

We emphasise investments where we can leverage our strong market position and long established relations with key players in the Nordic real estate market. By doing so we generate long term value, for shareholders our partners and employees.

How we choose

We evaluate more than just what we see. Determining which companies to invest in we look at the current state and future potential of the company. Areas we focus on are the team, market and competition, service/product, business model and Stronghold synergies.

How we add value

We believe that profitable growth over time depends mainly on two variables – employee satisfaction and client satisfaction. In combination with growth and profitability, employee and client satisfaction represent Strongholds key performance indicators, which we follow closely in all our portfolio companies.

To develop our portfolio companies Stronghold provide in-house expertise within a number of key areas such as finance, business development, digitalization, IT, communication and HR.

We also invest time and provide our portfolio companies with access to Stronghold´s ecosystem. Our Stronghold Proptech Lab provides a home for proptech in the Nordics by bringing today and tomorrow’s customers, employees and digital stars together, creating the stage for new conversations, partnerships and business opportunities.